Kevin Bacon and Shawn Ashmore Kevin Bacon and Shawn Ashmore

Will there be bad blood between The Following's fellas in Season 2? Apparently so, since executive producer Kevin Williamson reveals that "Ryan and Mike confront each other at a crime scene in New York" when Fox's grisly thriller returns in early 2014.

What new nightmarish case has Kevin Bacon's damaged Fed and his usually patient partner (Shawn Ashmore) at odds is a mystery, but we do know that Season 2 will take place a year after Joe Carroll's supposed death in last April's fiery finale. (James Purefoy is confirmed to return as the Poe-loving serial killer, so you do the math.)

Executive producer Marcos Siega promises that the show will be a bit more cerebral and a little less stabby this time around. "Certain elements won't be there anymore," Siega says, citing last season's race-against-the-clock search for the kidnapped Joey and its relatively compressed time frame. "So we're free to explore more character moments. It's going to be really interesting to get into that stuff." Oh, we can't wait to get deeper inside crazy Emma's messed-up psyche!

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