Jenni Pulos Jenni Pulos

She Plays
Herself, aka real-estate mogul Jeff Lewis' long-suffering assistant and constant target of abuse on Flipping Out (Tuesday, 9/8c, Bravo). "It's only because I want her to grow and improve," says Jeff.

Where You've Seen Her
Though she's made a couple scripted appearances (Charmed, Girlfriends), it's her real-life quiet dignity that's won us over. "People think they know you [when you're on a reality show], and they do," Pulos admits. (Season 2 ended with the breakup of her marriage: "I was really devastated, and the fact that it happened on TV didn't help, y'know?")

Why We Love Her
Because this nice Greek girl refuses to be broken, no matter what obsessive-compulsive insanity Jeff throws her way. ("Not letting your employees go number two at work is probably illegal, right?" she laughs.) So what's her trick to coping? "Remember that you're not defined by what other people say. You're defined by who you are and what you do," she says. "Extensive therapy has helped, too!"

What's Next?
"Well, I met a lovely Greek doctor. All my mom's praying really paid off!" she reports. Unfortunately for us, she's keeping this romance off camera. "My personal life has been highlighted enough," she says. And after almost a decade under Jeff's increasingly tense and twitchy thumb, it remains to be seen whether Jenni will survive Season 4. "Everyone's on the chopping block, myself included," she hints. "There will be a firing this year."

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