I finally started to remember everyone's names and which team they were on, and now they've done a big switcheroo. Did some smart producer have déjà vu about last season's Palau debacle with Stephenie and Bobby Jon and see the writing on the wall for the losing former Yaxha? After the New Nakum tribe's loss which caused them to vote off Brooke the tribes are tied with seven players each, so it doesn't seem like we'll be seeing Stephenie rowing the boat all by herself through a crocodile-infested lake any time soon. And her new pal, Judd, will probably keep her around, because he's happy to be free of the "male-tosterone" that his jocky former teammates exuded. Even if his new allegiance means that he sold out his old tribe. Jeff Probst warned him, "Every time you shift, you make it hard to trust [you]." But while the host thinks he's seen every possible permutation of strategy played out, the beauty of Survivor and funny guys like Judd is that they are wild cards, and you can never be sure what is going to happen. Meanwhile, over at New Yaxha, Gary is still trying to work his "I'm not a former NFL player," and I so want to see Danni push his buttons again. She knows he's lying, she's just got to convince enough people. Dude, she's wearing a T-shirt that says football on it, and she even knew what college you went to; it's only a matter of time. Honestly, he's with a mostly new group of people; it might be an opportunity to make a fresh start and just admit that he did that a long time ago, but he's not superwealthy now. Otherwise he's going to turn a bunch of friends into enemies. Even Amy is ready to "freakin' kill" him if she finds out that he's retired and a millionaire. I think, broken ankle and all, she might be my new favorite. AC

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