Saturday Night Live's Will Ferrell — whose dead-on impersonation of President Bush jumpstarted the long-running NBC sketch comedy's critical and ratings resurgence last season — has no problem with his alter ego taking a month-long vacation at his ranch in Crawford, Texas. As proof, the comedian offered Dubya an opportunity to extend his controversial summer liberty even further.

"I put in a call to invite him to take a vacation on my ranch, but he hasn't gotten back to me," he deadpans to TV Guide Online. "He might be ready because there's that saying that you need a vacation from your vacation. We could have fun, and maybe talk about doing a show on the road together."

In the meantime, Ferrell will continue to poke fun at Bush — and no less so now that he's settled into his role as the nation's Commander in Chief. "It doesn't matter what office Bush holds, we just take his personality and turn it on its ear," he grins. "On SNL, we are equal opportunity offenders."

Ferrell doesn't really have to worry about rubbing anyone the wrong way (the folks at GLAAD included) in Kevin Smith's Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back (opening Aug. 24), which finds him playing a dim-witted federal wildlife marshal. As the 34-year-old concedes, the part wasn't much of a stretch. "I've played some bumblers," he admits. "I guess it would be fun to play somebody intelligent. But I have fun being a bumbler — especially one who doesn't know that's what he is."

So, why is the University of Southern California grad so good at portraying dullards? "Am I putting my life experience into these guys? Well, I'm not allowed to drive a car," he jokes. "No, I'm not that bad, but I'm definitely not handy with a hammer and nails. When it comes to being a handyman, my wife, Viveca, is way ahead of me. I'm good at sleeping and eating. Those are the two things I do best."