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The Felicity Cast Reveals Where Their Characters Would Be Now

Would Felicity and Ben still be together?

Sadie Gennis

Not that long ago, a Felicity revival seemed like an impossibility. But after Sunday's cast reunion at the ATX Television Festival in Austin, Texas, it appears that most of the cast would be down to revisit their iconic WB roles in some form or another.

"It comes down to Keri [Russell], Scott [Foley] and Scott [Speedman]. If they're in, it's happening," Rob Benedict told TV Guide after the panel, during which both Foley and Speedman appeared open to the idea.

"Keri didn't say a word," noted Amy Jo Johnson. "No one called her out, either."

If Russell were to get onboard, it would raise so many questions about where all our favorite Felicity characters would be in the potential revival, which would pick up over 15 years after everyone graduated from the fictional University of New York. Would Shmegan shirts have hit the market yet? Would Elena (Tangi Miller) even still be alive? And, most importantly, would Ben (Speedman) and Felicity (Russell) have stayed together?

"I don't think so," Benedict said, with Ian Gomez adding that the beloved couple's relationship was "toxic." (Sorry guys, but it's kind of true!)

But it seems Ben and Felicity likely wouldn't be the only couple to have split during the past decade and a half. According to stars Greg Grunberg and Amanda Foreman, their characters Sean and Meghan likely would be divorced by now -- but still doing things their own way, of course.

"We would be split up together," Grunberg explained. "We would be divorced but sharing the same house because, financially, that works best for Sean."

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For her part, Tangi Miller isn't so sure whether Elena and Tracy (Donald Faison) would have been able to strike the right balance between their medical careers and love life in order make their relationship work again, despite their second engagement in the series finale. And while Ian Gomez couldn't even remember that Javier divorced his husband Samuel in Season 4, he did suggest that Javier probably had moved up by now from managing a Dean & Deluca to owning his own coffee shop.

As for Julie, who was last seen in the real timeline dropping out of college in Season 3, Johnson said she has faith that Julie has found herself by now. "She was a mess, that poor girl," reflected Johnson.

But the character who would have undergone the most dramatic transformation, according to the cast, would be Richard (Benedict), Noel's lovable foil-turned-best man. "Richard would be doing something weird. Maybe he'd be on Wall Street, like a business guy. Maybe kind of a douche," Benedict explained. "Like a slicked back hair, heyy. That guy, but likable. Which is my wheelhouse."

Felicity is available to stream in its entirety on Hulu now.