It's Father's Day, and television fans are getting in on the celebration of all things dad by poking fun at their favorite small screen patriarchs and all their various eccentricities — by flipping the characters' personalities on their heads.

On Sunday, fans caused the hashtag #FakeTVDadFacts to trend on Twitter celebrate the day, and the results were imaginative and hilarious.

For example, this Sopranos fan paid tribute to the notoriously philandering mob boss Tony Soprano by joking that he was a stand-up dad who always did right by is brood.

To be fair, Tony did tend to be pretty overly protective of his children when any insult to them threatened his status as a tough guy (just ask Salvatore "Coco" Cogliano about that — if he can still talk, that is).

Meanwhile, this tweeter offered a nod to Married ... with Children's dad Al Bundy by pretending that he was never anything but delighted to spend his couch time seated next to his wife Peg, their two kids, and the shaggy dog.

Here are some of the other cheeky metafictions conjured up by social media to honor TV dads, for better and for worse ... but mostly worse.

Welp, that's certainly one way to spread cheer — and jeer — on Father's Day!