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Famous in Love: Why Paige Chose the Wrong Guy

This relationship will never work

Sadie Gennis

The Famous in Love premiere wasted no time before revealing who Paige (Bella Thorne) chose to be with: her best friend, Jake (Charlie DePew). But just as soon as the Freeform drama dropped the news that Paige is dating Jake and not her Locked co-star Rainer (Carter Jenkins), it also began hinting at why this might not have been the best choice for the aspiring movie star.

After the press conference, Paige opted to keep her relationship with Jake a secret, an easy feat given that Rainer was sequestered in rehab. But when she finally decides to share their relationship on social media, Paige doesn't exactly get the warmest welcome, instantly trending on Twitter as Rainer fans begin attacking her for making the wrong choice.

It's a very meta moment for the series, which will likely draw the same ire as Paige for pairing her with Jake instead of the hunky movie star. And in a wonderfully candid moment, Bella Thorne tells TV Guide that she understands the disappointment in Paige's decision.

"I don't think it's the right choice for Paige," Thorne says.

Although the actress wishes Paige had simply opted not to choose either guy and focus on herself, Thorne says that she does prefer seeing Paige with Rainer over Jake. And you know what, we get it? Rainer is sexy as hell and has a natural charisma that makes him captivating onscreen and off. Jake, on the other hand, walks around like he's a glass of warm milk with arms and legs.

Charlie DePew and Bella Thorne, Famous in Love
Byron Cohen/Freeform

But this is exactly why Paige chose Jake: He represents comfort and security and a tether to her past life, before she was dealing with legal loopholes and social media scandals. Rainer, on the other hand, represents the unknown, which is both excited and terrifying to the young star.

"I think that she chooses Jake because if she doesn't take her chance now, when is she going to get it again? She's been in love with him since the start of college. She's like, well, here's my time," Thorne says. "I know for a fact that he is a good guy. How can I pass this up when I don't really know Rainer that well and she doesn't really trust Rainer that much."

But while Paige trusts Jake implicitly, they still might not have a strong enough foundation to weather the sh--storm they're about to deal with now that they've entered the public eye. We already saw how the power imbalance between Paige and her best friend Cassie (George Flores) nearly destroyed their relationship, so will things between Jake and Paige fare any better?

With the pair moving in together -- and Paige fronting the rent -- plus, jealousy over Rainer and Vera (Claudia Lee) bubbling up, we can't imagine Paige and Jake have an easy road ahead. Not that we mind. We'll just be over here in the corner waiting for Paige to realize her mistake and give things with Rainer a shot.

Famous in Love airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on Freeform.