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Family Guy's 12 Lessons About Time Travel

Should you change history/?

Hanh Nguyen

Forget Back to the Future or Hot Tub Time Machine. If you ever find the need to navigate the fourth dimension, Family Guyis your, um, guy.
On the Fox animated comedy, young Stewie Griffin is the diapered mastermind who has developed various time-travel devices. With his pal Brian in tow, the two have journeyed through history, into the future and even to alternate universes. Although something always goes wrong, eventually Stewie figures out a way to set things right (with only a few time streams changed).

Nobody's safe! 12 taboos Family Guy has dared to mock

Now you can benefit from their greater experience. Check out the 12 lessons Family Guy can teach you about time travel:

1. Develop a simple control panel for your time-travel device.


2. Don't leave your device where your oaf of dad can trip over it and destroy it.


3. If necessary, be ready to fly a plane in the Royal Air Force.


4. Protect the secret of your time-travel device at all costs.


5. Be prepared to encounter the bizarre.



6. Look both ways before crossing the street.



7. It's always peanut butter jelly time.


8. Always.


9. Never live time in reverse.

10. Know your time period.

11. Do not change the past. Unless of course, your best friend dies.


12. Change the past.

Family Guy airs Sundays at 9/8c on Fox.