Family Guy Hey, great news everybody! I get to watch cartoons... for work! Sorry, Mom, but who's wasting their Saturday mornings now? Also, if you're reading this, you've lived to see another year. Nice work. Too bad my resolution wasn't to watch the same amount of TV that I did last year, because I would've kept it. Family Guy has been on my list for a few years now. Granted, it did take me a while to catch on, but finally, they made a reference to that Sunny D commercial from years ago, and that was that. If you don't think "purple stuff" is funny, consider this: The only other time I've heard a joke about that commercial, it was by one Mr.

Dave Chappelle. So there. Honestly, sometimes I don't even get the jokes on this show until the next day. Not tonight. The jokes were simple, strong and, of course, irreverent. And yes, viewer discretion was necessary. Magic Johnson is getting such good treatment that he now has only one AID? Funny. And speaking of race, somebody finally called the Rock black? I'm pretty sure it was that movie-trailer voice-over guy. Oh, and who knew that adding water to your dog's food to make "gravy" was so funny? I mean, it does seem pretty stupid of us to think that, and here's a show with a talking dog, but he's not the one to make the joke. Genius. Lastly, it was good to see Meg get some real airtime. All the disrespect she gets, I was starting to think Mila Kunis just had bad karma from playing bitchy Jackie on That '70s Show.