Zachary Levi, <I>Chuck</i> Zachary Levi, Chuck

NBC and Warner Bros. have hammered out a deal that will bring back Chuck, Sarah et al for a third season of at least 13 episodes, sources tell

As reported on Sunday, this new life does come with a price, however. Or, specifically a lower one. Chuck, which had already trimmed its production budget going into Season 2, will now need to be even leaner and meaner for its next cycle. That could result in a scenario similar to the one seen on ABC's Scrubs this spring, where certain cast members "went missing" for a week at a time.

One factor perhaps playing into Chuck's pick-up was NBC's decision to take a pass on David E. Kelley's Legally Mad. That incurred a financial penalty from Warner Bros. TV, and there was talk that to "make good" on the amount due, NBC would grant a renewal to Chuck, which is also a WB production.

NBC is not confirming any new pick-ups until its upfront "comedy showcase" event on May 19.

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