It's Friday, which means there's new Netflix material to binge. This week the streaming giant released two big titles with the highly anticipated Emma Stone and Jonah Hill psycho-thriller Maniac and the Josh Groban and Tony Danza laugher The Good Cop. It couldn't be more different strokes for different folks than this.

Maniac comes from the brain of novelist Patrick Somerville and is directed by True Detective's Cary Fukunaga. The trippy drama takes you inside the mind of two depressed people who end up in a clinical trial for an extreme anti-depressant. Critics are hailing Stone for guiding viewers through the insane twists of the show that might have you scratching your head, but were you in for that crazy ride?

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On the opposite side of the spectrum, Groban and Danza are the latest iteration of an odd-couple pairing as father and son in Netflix's half-hour comedy. Can Groban crack a case with his lothario dad constantly messing up his mojo? At the very least, can this finally be the thing that helps people realize that Groban is more than the voice of an angel and a legit comedic talent?

The good news is that you get to be the ones to tell us! We want to know what you think of the latest fall shows in TV Guide's Fall TV Popularity contest. Did The Good Cop actually make you feel good? Were Maniac's crazy twists too much to take? Let us know about them and other new fall shows by voting right here.

Emma Stone, <em>Maniac</em> and Josh Groban, <em>Good Cop</em>Emma Stone, Maniac and Josh Groban, Good Cop