If you ask us, Friday nights have been a whole lot less intoxicating since 1990, when CBS put a cork in Falcon Crest, its sublime sudser about vindictive vintners and their whiny relatives. So, especially considering the multitude of other Reagan-era reunion projects that are fermenting (L.A. Law, The Cosby Show, for starters), why isn't the Eye Network drunk on the idea of unbottling vinegary Angela Channing and her clan of Chablis-swilling swine?

According to William R. Moses, who played Maggie and Chase's son, perpetual pushover Cole Gioberti, it's a question he and a former co-star recently asked themselves. "Lorenzo Lamas and I spoke of it when we ran into each other in the Napa Valley, of all places," he tells TV Guide Online. "We talked about trying to come up with an idea. I would love to be a part of that."

Sadly, any Crest revival would likely be made without Angela's portrayer, Oscar winner Jane Wyman. (The actress, who turned 88 in January, has long since retired from the biz.) Of course, if you believe those stories of Wyman ruling over the show's set with an iron fist, would the legendary actress even be missed?

"Jane was very, very hard on me at the time," concedes Moses, who was 19 when he landed his Crest gig. "She felt that I was an inexperienced kid that didn't know anything."

Now 42, the actor — who finds himself torn between Cheryl Ladd and Bess Armstrong in tonight's Lifetime movie, Her Best Friend's Husband (9 pm/ET) — has come to appreciate the tough love Wyman showed him early on. "There were certain rules and laws that were laid down, the minimum requirement being that you were on time and prepared and polite," he recalls. "That sounds relatively minor, but as time passes for me in this business, it's not really a skill that's understood in a broad way. I'm very happy that Jane imposed that upon me."