The Simpsons isn't the only TV show bagging A-list voice-over talent. On Sunday's Law & Order: Criminal Intent,

Matt Damon's pipes become a critical piece of evidence in the murder of an aspiring actress. "In the story, one of our [suspects] had a scene in a Matt Damon movie," explains executive producer Rene Balcer. "And Matt's voice can be heard off screen." Balcer wrote the Oscar winner into the script after learning that CI producer Fred Berner was a personal friend of his. "And because of Project Greenlight," Balcer adds, "he seemed approachable and like he would be up for doing this." Of course, "this" didn't require Damon to so much as break a sweat. "We sent somebody to his home with a tape recorder," Balcer confesses. "We make things very easy for people who do us favors." Hey, I just gave your show some publicity — can I be on TV, too?