Superman Superman

In the new animated movie Superman vs. The Elite, the Man of Steel faces a crisis of conscience — and public opinion — when a violent new group of so-called-heroes shows up with a bloody idea of justice. Thankfully, Supes has the world's finest sounding board in Lois Lane. In an inspired casting coup NCIS star Pauley Perrette voices the character, opposite George Newbern as Superman/Clark Kent (a role he's played before, most notably in Cartoon Network's Justice League series).

Based on the seminal 2001 comic book story "What's So Funny About Truth, Justice and the American Way?" by Joe Kelly, this latest movie from Warner Home Video and DC Entertainment challenges Superman's relevance in a world where terrorism and war have made civilization far less civilized. "Are you the Superman that the 21st century needs?" he's asked early on. "Why not use your power to fix the world?"

Enter The Elite, a new team of heroes with a merciless approach to law and order. ("We turn bad guys into memories," group leader Manchester Black proclaims.) People start rallying around them and, in turn, lose faith in Superman. The Man of Tomorrow is firm in his resolve, thanks in no small part to support from Lois (who's married to Clark). The part of Lois was minimal in the original comic, but has been greatly expanded for the film. "Lois Lane is an inspirational character because she's a smart and powerful woman," Perrette says. "Even when she's with Superman, she has no problem putting him in his place and giving her opinion."

Check out this exclusive clip from Superman vs. The Elite. The movie is available Tuesday on DVD, Blu-ray, on demand and for download.

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