Rob Zombie, Curtis Stone, Tiffani Faison Rob Zombie, Curtis Stone, Tiffani Faison

Top Chef Duels is not only heating up this week between Tiffani Faison and Dale Talde, but the Season 1 alum and Rob Zombie.

On Wednesday's episode, Tiffani and Dale are tasked with creating vegan dishes for Zombie and his rocker pals Scott Ian and Gary Holt, which isn't exactly up Tiffani's alley, since she owns a barbecue joint and all.

Fall TV: Where have we seen this before?

"We also do have a few vegan dishes," she says in the exclusive sneak peek below before Zombie takes umbrage with her definition of veganism.Check out the clip below to see what they both say — and what she has cooking for him. Top Chef Duels airs Wednesdays at 10/9c on Bravo.