Paula Abdul by Steve Granitz/ Paula Abdul by Steve Granitz/

Straight up now tell me, did you ever think you'd read that headline again in your lifetime? Me, neither. But it's true. A tipster in close proximity to Abdul's inner circle tells me that the American Idol judge, who hasn't released an album of new material since 1995's Head over Heels, is in talks to perform - no, not on Idol's next '90s theme night - during the network's Super Bowl XLII telecast!

It gets better. (No, not a cameo by MC Scat Cat.) According to my source, the onetime Laker Girl is already in rehearsals for the video to her duet with Randy Jackson, the first single from his upcoming Music Club Vol. 1 CD. If the Super Bowl deal goes through, she would likely use the same choreography during her Feb. 3 Astroturf comeback. (Fox Sports declined comment.)

Of course, Fox wouldn't be relying solely on Abdul to entertain the billion-plus audience. The network announced last month that Tom Petty would headline the halftime show, and more artists may be added in the coming weeks.

So, keeping in mind that only a coldhearted snake - I'm talking to you, Corey Clark - would hope for the routine to fall flatter than Britney Spears' VMAs debacle, what do we think? Is she really forever our girl? Can she pull this off? Or should she rush, rush off the field before she makes a misstep that'll do her more damage than Hey, Paula? Discuss in the comments section below!

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