Lindsay Lohan by Jordan Strauss/ Lindsay Lohan by Jordan Strauss/

After pursuing the jungle cat known as Lindsanius Lohanicus for nearly a year, it appears Ugly Betty may finally have caught its prey. Multiple Ugly sources confirm to me exclusively that the comeback-hungry actress is in advanced discussions to guest-star in the show's May 22 season finale, which is currently in production.

But that, my friends, is not the big news.

No, the big news is that Betty producers are currently talking to LiLo's camp about bringing her back next season for a sizable arc and I do mean sizable. We're talking as many as eight freakin' episodes.

No doubt ABC is looking at the ratings mileage CBS got out of Britney Spears' How I Met Your Mother cameo and is hoping Lohan can perform the same magic for Betty, which, despite firing on all cylinders creatively this season, has seen its viewership tumble by double digits. Depressing, I know.

Specifics on Lohan's character are still being finalized, but the original idea was to have her play a hapless fast-food worker that Betty befriends. Not sure if that would still be the plan.

Now, I know you Betty fans were initially resistant to the prospect of a Lindsay- Betty confab, but in light of the show's recent ratings woes, are you warming to the idea? I certainly am.