Lauren Graham and Matthew Perry by John Sciulli/ Lauren Graham and Matthew Perry by John Sciulli/

You know that frosty reception I had to Aaron Sorkin's super-hyped Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip? Well, I've suddenly begun warming to the show in a big way.

A well-placed source tells me that Lauren Graham will appear in a two-episode arc later this fall playing... Lauren Graham! Per my mole, she'll serve as the guest host of Studio 60's fictional SNL-esque show within a show.

This bit of stunt casting makes sense on so many levels. First off, silver-tongued Graham reciting Aaron Sorkin's golden prose? A marriage made in TV heaven. Furthermore, both Studio 60 and Gilmore Girls are produced by Warner Bros., thus eliminating all that pesky paperwork. Finally, and most importantly, Graham and Studio star Matthew Perry are longtime pals. In fact, as readers of this column know, the duo attended Entertainment Weekly's pre-Emmy bash last Saturday. (And just to clarify: They truly are just friends. Which is a shame: Can you imagine how witty and loquacious their kids would be?)

Since turnabout is fair play, it's probably only a matter of time before Perry pays a visit to Stars Hollow as... Kirk's long-lost brother! I can totally see it!