Disney XD Sports Night Disney XD Sports Night

It's time to get the kids revved up with Disney XD! The network will feature top talent from NASCAR, the NFL and the X Games in a special sports-themed night of programming on July 22.

Crash & Bernstein kicks off the night (8:30/7:30c) with the two title characters duped into doing building repairs so that their seedy landlord can leave town on a camping trip. And, of course, when Crash and Wyatt stow away in the landlord's van instead, they're in for a couple of surprises — one of them being Philadelphia Eagles star DeSean Jackson, who comes along for the ride.

Lab Rats (9/8c) also gets into some racy business. Billionaire inventor Davenport enters a feud with a new neighbor, resulting in a stock car race to determine which neighbor gets to keep his real estate. However, Davenport is shocked to learn that his nemesis has enlisted NASCAR champ Joey Logano to be his ringer. "This is the most acting work I've ever done," admits Logano. "I use the word 'acting' very loosely. There's a reason I drive cars for a living."

Then, it's off to SoCal for Disney XD Xology, (9:30/8:30c) a special partnership with the X Games, which features Crash & Bernstein's puppet-star, Crash. The episode, which airs at the offset of the X Games, sees Crash attempting to keep up on the half pipe.

Gather your team to tune into Disney XD's sports night, but until then, check out this exclusive clip of Logano on Lab Rats.

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