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We now know The Bold and the Beautiful's Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang) and Thomas (Adam Gregory) have miraculously survived that plane crash in the South Pacific. So what's next for the steamy mother-stepson duo as they struggle for survival on their desert island? We have the scoop! Come May 2, B&B will enter some funky new territory when Brooke and Thomas — who have been dancing around a near-incestuous romance for weeks — get high on hallucinogenic berries and end up making love. At least it'll seem that way. TV Guide Magazine got the deets on this dizzy, daring story from B&B boss man Brad Bell.

TV Guide Magazine: Psychedelic-fruit sex — another B&B first! So what's the scoop?
Bell: Well, Brooke and Thomas wash ashore on a Fijian island but it's no tropical paradise — it's more like a sand dune with a few scrappy bushes and a cave. They're near starvation, near dehydration, and they finally find nourishment in the form of these berries that turn out to have psychedelic and aphrodisiac properties. So let the games begin.

TV Guide Magazine: Is this based on any kind of actual tropical-fruit science or did you just make this stuff up?
Bell: These are totally fictitious berries.

TV Guide Magazine: Damn.
Bell: I know, right? We went out and got giant blackberries and added dots of white chocolate to make them look weird and exotic. We knew our actors had to devour a bunch, so we made them delicious.

TV Guide Magazine: If they're starving, why doesn't Thomas try to stab a fish?
Bell: [Laughs] He's from Beverly Hills! Ordering Dover sole almandine is about as far as he's ever gone. So he and Brooke eat these berries and it turns into something very psychedelic. Neither of them knows what really happened while they were under the influence. They know they were really connecting and grooving on each other, but they don't remember what went on after that. This story is going to have a very creative roll-out. Only time will tell if they really crossed the line.

TV Guide Magazine: Are these berries like an extreme form of Ecstasy? Or more like an LSD sort of thing?
Bell: [Laughs]. Well, you know I've never done any of that stuff, so what do I know? I have an occasional Budweiser. But I can tell you that it's a very powerful drug that gives them this incredible high and then they black out. We've teamed with CBS Digital, the people who did our new CGI opening credits, to create some sensational, state-of-the-art imagery for the psychedelic sequences — rainbows, waterfalls, wild scenery. It's a real Alice in Wonderland-style feast for the eyes. Nobody in soaps has done anything like it.

TV Guide Magazine: Cool! Sounds like the use of CGI might really change your future storytelling.
Bell: Absolutely, when we can afford it. There's such great new technology at our fingertips now and, as writers and producers, it really opens our mind to new possibilities. We dream it up and say "Can you do it?" and the CBS Digital people always say "Yes!" We're building a great relationship with them. Soaps are no longer just about the bedroom and the living room or the cup of coffee. This even affects us in smaller ways. Now when we shoot in our Insomnia coffee house set we can go out on our green-screen terrace and the viewers will see the real Los Angeles in the background. No more fake backdrops!

TV Guide Magazine: What would your dad [the late B&B creator] Bill Bell have thought of all this newfangled trickery? Would he embrace it? Or would he be holding up a cross and garlic?
Bell: [Laughs] He held onto his old IBM Selectric well into the computer age. And even then he was a little hesitant with that eraser key. So he might have been a little slow to embrace this technology stuff.

TV Guide Magazine: Getting back to this sordid scenario of yours, if Brooke and Thomas can't remember anything, how will we ever know if they did the deed? If Brooke becomes pregnant? Even then, it could still be Ridge's baby.
Bell: Throughout May sweeps we will find out the whole story of what happened during that time that time forgot. Thomas is going to have some clarity when his memory starts to return. I'm very excited about this story. All the dramatic points are there. It'll be a fun watching it all unravel. First we have a great rescue effort. The plane and the pilot's body are found, but there's no sign of Brooke and Thomas, and that really lights a fire under our leading men. Between Ridge and his perseverance, and Bill with his jet and his connections to military satellites, and Nick who knows everything about the seas and the currents, there is a great joining of forces to find Brooke and Thomas.

TV Guide Magazine: Wait, aren't the Forresters world-famous? Where's the U.S. Navy?
Bell: The crash is definitely making front page news everywhere, and we do see people from the Fijian Coast Guard, and some fisherman, but Brooke and Thomas are out in the middle of nowhere. The world is searching but Bill has the jumbo jet with the big gas tanks that has the range to get down there first.

TV Guide Magazine: Bill has a jumbo jet? Not just a private jet?
Bell: Well, in his mind it's a jumbo jet. [Laughs] You know us men. We always exaggerate.

TV Guide Magazine: So let's say you have the nerve to let mother and stepson actually have sex. What then? Are you concerned about viewer backlash?
Bell: We're always cautious to keep Brooke redeemable but we push her as far as we can. I can easily see her going for the triple crown of Forrester men. [Brooke has also conquered Ridge's brother Thorne and their daddy Eric.] We'll see with this story if the audience can forgive and embrace her. She could end up being hated. Those who consider her a role model would see [sex with Thomas] as so wrong.

TV Guide Magazine: Uh, anyone who thinks Brooke's a role model needs to check their cable reception. One last question. K.K. Lang is still looking pretty damn fantastic. Any chance Brooke could make it through a fourth generation of Forrester men?
Bell: Hey, the way we grow our kids up so rapidly on this show, the next generation will probably be here in three years. [Laughs] I'm not going to rule it out!

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