Billy Baldwin and Peter Krause by Patrick Harbron/ABC Billy Baldwin and Peter Krause by Patrick Harbron/ABC
Hmmm... maybe it wasn't dirty or sexy enough. Multiple sources confirm that production on ABC's highly touted family drama Dirty Sexy Money will shut down for at least eight days as producers do a little fine-tuning. The time-out will be imposed after shooting on the show's fifth episode wraps later this month. Although mini-hiatuses such as this are sometimes a sign of bigger problems behind the scenes, it's par for the course when it comes to ABC Studios-produced shows. Both

Grey's Anatomy and Ugly Betty suspended production early in their inaugural seasons to regroup. "Other studios panic when this type of thing happens, but we plan for it," says an ABC Studios insider. "It's one of the reasons our shows are successful. It's better to get it right. You want everything to live up to its potential." The insider adds that the respite won't impact the show's Sept. 26 debut. Even better: The lull will allow Billy Baldwin to make brother Daniel's monthly intervention.