Not to put Santa on the spot or anything, but the red-suited jolly dude was a major disappointment last year. Of the 10 items on my 2005 wish list, the only one he delivered was "increased power and fame" and that's probably because I listed it twice. In St. Nick's defense, he has, like, 1 billion customers to service every year; it's inevitable that someone's going to be disappointed come Christmas morning. But I'll be damned if that "someone" is gonna be me again. So this year I'm taking the extra step of posting my list on my blog in the hopes that St. Nikolas will surely be trolling for scoop before leaving the North Pole tonight. And let me just add that I've been a really good boy this year.

* A USC victory in the Rose Bowl.
* A second season for Friday Night Lights.
* Keri Russell's digits.
* A ratings surge for Battlestar Galactica in its new Sunday time-slot.
* An Emmy nomination for my upcoming guest stint on Scrubs (although I'd settle for not getting cut from the episode).
* Santa Barbara on SoapNet.
* A Jack Spade Laptop Field Bag (Chocolate).
* Six-pack abs (although I'd settle for a two-pack).
* A strong finish for The Sopranos.
* Even more power and fame (if that's possible).
* A trip to heaven on Earth (ideally a three-night stay).
* An AS-P-scripted Gilmore Girls finale.
* An apartment big enough to accommodate a 600 square-foot Smurf diorama.
* A fountain machine that dispenses diet raspberry Snapple.

OK, guys, help me out: What else do I want for Christmas? Hurry up though. Santa's sleigh departs in just a few hours!