Erica Cerra in Eureka by Liane Hentshcer/Sci Fi Channel Photo Erica Cerra in Eureka by Liane Hentshcer/Sci Fi Channel Photo

To celebrate its upcoming Season 3 premiere, Eureka is channeling show tunes and brandishing jazz hands. The quirky Sci Fi Channel dramedy - which returns Tuesday, July 29, at 9 pm/ET - is rolling out a song-and-dance promo Wednesday night, near the beginning of Scare Tactics (see related Preview).

The spot features the cast getting their musical theater groove on to an up-tempo version of "Won't You Be My Neighbor?" from the PBS classic Mister Rogers' Neighborhood. "We've created a fantasy world within a fantasy world," says Michael Engleman, Sci Fi's vice president for creative. Series star "Colin Ferguson, in character as Jack Carter, plays our Fred Astaire-esque master of musical ceremonies, taking us through the various nooks and crannies of the town of Eureka." And keeping in character with the network, expect visual effects and sci-fi themes to flavor the spots.

Engleman says "Won't You Be My Neighbor?" and its themes are a perfect fit for the show, which centers on the mysterious goings-on in a small Pacific Northwest town full of geniuses. "When you take a look at Eureka through fresh eyes, what you see is Sci Fi's version of a long-running love affair with quirky small-town style entertainment," he says.

The cast embraced the task with the energy of a Broadway chorus. "They were exuberant," Engleman says. "It was an interesting way for them to take license with their characters. I think they all did a really nice job of playing within the characters, but doing it within fantastical, amplified way." - Rich Sands