Goran Visnjic by Greg Gayne/NBC Photo Goran Visnjic by Greg Gayne/NBC Photo

A 36-year-old Croatian woman has slapped Goran Visnjic with a paternity suit, claiming that the ER hunk is the father of her 4-month-old daughter and that he knew about the pregnancy "from the start." According to the Associated Press, Mirela Rupic filed suit after trying to settle the matter privately, only to have Visnjic say that he would support the child financially, but never recognize her as his own. Since 1999 Visnjic has been married to Croatian artist Ivana Vrdoljak, with whom he adopted a son this past May. Should the actor formally deny that he is the girl's father, a paternity test would be required, says Rupic's attorney.

Visnjic could not immediately be reached by the AP for comment.