Last week on The Apprentice, Ereka Vetrini was sacked after Versacorp failed to sell more of The Donald's designer bottled water than Protege. Here, the 27-year-old native New Yorker sounds off on back-stabber Bill, catty Carolyn and, of course, that hoity-toity H2O.

TV Guide Online: How did Trump Ice taste? Ereka Vetrini: It's good water. I'm not sure I loved the packaging, though.

TVGO: If you owned a restaurant or club, would you serve it to your patrons? Ereka: Based on taste, yes. Based on packaging, not so much. We really didn't have control over which customers we sold to, nor were we allowed to have a marketing campaign.

TVGO: Why was Nick so difficult to work with? Ereka: I don't know if he felt threatened. [Maybe] he thought that if it wasn't going to be me [getting fired], it was going to be him. Overall, I just wasn't impressed with Nick or his sales techniques.

TVGO: Why did you have such a hard time organizing those invoices? Ereka: To put that into perspective, that was the end of the day. Nick didn't generate many sales and for the 20 percent or less that he did generate, he did not fill out the paperwork properly, so it was coming back "not approved." It was my responsibility as the project manager to baby-sit him and fix his mistakes.

TVGO: Do you regret being so emotional in front of Carolyn and the team? Ereka: That was a bit exaggerated. I wasn't that emotional or flustered. To be honest, there was nothing else I could do.

TVGO: What made you think Bill would trust you in the boardroom? Ereka: Bill was a disappointment to me. During the entire task, he was patting me on the back, complimenting me on how well we worked together. He was actually ripping on Nick throughout the whole thing, so I was really shocked to see him turn on me.

TVGO: Do you regret bringing Bill into the boardroom instead of Katrina? Ereka: No. I brought Bill and Nick in there for one reason: We lost on distribution. And the only people responsible for sales were Nick, Bill and myself.

TVGO: Are you and Katrina still friends? Ereka: We're very close friends. Believe it or not, Bill and Nick are very good friends of mine. I was out with them last week. [The Apprentice] is a game, and when you're in the boardroom, things happen. It's a stressful environment. We all want to win, and things are said and done that you just forget about afterward.

TVGO: How did you feel when Carolyn said "it wasn't so tough" to fire you? Ereka: Carolyn is a different type of business woman. She's very conservative and the rest of the women on the show aren't. I can see how she and I didn't bond or relate. She never had anything good to say.

TVGO: Nick and Amy are getting pretty cozy. Did you do any flirting of your own? Ereka: I did not. I have a boyfriend and no one on the show was interesting to me in that way. They are all great guys, but no romance.

TVGO: Is there a reunion show in the works? Ereka: I don't know anything about a reunion show, but we do have a great finale coming up.

TVGO: Who do you think is going to win? Ereka: I want Katrina or Troy.