First, I must say I thought it was cool that Gallant and Neela got married by Jerry via his Universal Life Church minister's license. My brother Mike, inspired by Joey Tribbiani, got a minister's license off the Internet and married my brother Steve and his wife Vicki. I sang at the wedding, but it wasn't "Copa Cabana," it was

Andy Gibb's "I Just Want to Be Your Everything." Totally true one of the best weddings ever. Seeing Kerry Weaver drunkenly apologize to Morris and commend him for a job well done was hilarious especially her waking him up ("Morris!!"). Speaking of playing nice, I'm glad Clemente and Luka finally did so. I liked Clemente's subtle way of saying he withdrew his name from consideration for the new chief. But I'll tell you what I liked even more: Luka and Abby getting intimate again. I wasn't having his "let's just be friends" speech two weeks ago the two of them make a better couple than Luka and Sam. I'm hoping they find someone else for my

Linda Cardellini, who, by the way, kicks butt in Brokeback Mountain (I was lucky enough to see a screening this week and loved it). Linda was awesome tonight in her much-too-brief scenes. So glad Sam was able to convince that woman with HIV to get the proper medication for her son. And it was good that Dubenko got rid of that security guard who accused K.J. of stealing the video equipment just because of his skin color. Favorite scene tonight was Gallant proposing to Neela the second time, this time in front of everyone during surgery. Neela's face was so adorable peeking through her surgical mask as if thinking "I can't believe he's doing this, but I love him for it." Very gallant of Gallant.