Ray Liotta
did it last season, and so did

Cynthia Nixon: When they guest-starred on

ER, the entire hour revolved around their characters. Ray won an Emmy for his brilliant portrayal, and Cynthia should've been at least nominated, but wasn't. James Woods continued this tradition and was just as awesome as ALS patient Dr. Nate Lennox. I loved how the flashbacks kept going further and further back in time, so we could see the gradual deterioration of his character, but what made it even more interesting was seeing the various ER characters as they dealt with him throughout the years. Just because I was naturally curious, I checked my ER records and yes, Goran Visnjic was indeed on the show back in 2001. (He's been on since 1999, my, how time has flown). I already knew the wonderful Maura Tierney had been on since 2000 and Mekhi Phifer since 2002. I was impressed how they adjusted their hairstyles throughout the years. One thing that disappointed me was that Paul McCrane's Romano character was referred to once in a flashback scene, but he didn't appear. It's not like he wasn't available he directed the episode so he could've at least given us a cameo. But back to the positive things. What a wonderful flashback towards the very end where we saw Abby in 1999 as a student in Dr. Lennox's classroom, trying to drop the class. It was so great to see him convince Abby to be tough and patient, and it was quite appropriate to see that scene right after the present-day one, where the tables were turned and Abby was asking Lennox to be tough and patient. Excellent work by all, including Ally Walker (Profiler) as Lennox's longtime friend and personal assistant. James, start practicing your acceptance speech.  Dave Anderson

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