Jeremy Piven by Michael Muller/HBO Jeremy Piven by Michael Muller/HBO

With the guys of Entourage gearing up to "hug it out" yet again in an all new season starting Sunday night, actor Jeremy Piven revealed that we may be seeing cut-throat agent Ari in a new light during the episodes to come.

"I think the audience will see other sides to him that I've always thought existed," says Piven. Beyond getting a better sense of Ari's complete dedication and love for his family, the actor also revealed an upcoming episode where Ari takes shrooms in the desert and unearths more of his buried qualities. "He's completely lost, and without Lloyd he'll never make it home. That's one of the greatest moments I've ever been able to play in my life - I've done a great deal of research," joked the actor (we think).

As far the dynamic between the guys, the audience can expect Ari and the guys to remain very close, despite how harsh honesty can be in the business. "It's a bunch of guys with a New York sensibility where they speak the truth to each other and it can be tough love," says Piven. "No matter what your status, they're going to give it to you straight, and I think there's something endearing about that."

But playing the sharp-tongued Ari isn't the only project Piven has in the works. The actor is taking his talents to Broadway. "All my energies are going into my new show, Speed the Plow," says Piven. "This is the moment every actor waits for. It's basically my Olympics, I'm doing eight shows a week. I just want to be the Jewish Michael Phelps." - Gina DiNunno