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Stop What You're Doing Because Enlisted Is Finally Streaming

Thanks [checks notes] Crackle!

Rachel Paige

Good news for everyone looking to watch the 13 episodes of Enlisted's first and only season -- they're now available on Crackle! Guess it's time to finally figure out how to watch things on Crackle! (Sorry, Crackle.)

Executive producer Mike Royce announced the good news on Twitter Monday, along with a list detailing how exactly you should watch all 13 episodes of the series. Back when it was actually a TV show on Fox, Fox aired the episodes out of order in hopes of showing the "stronger" ones first, but all it really did was confuse viewers who were tuning in to watch the relationship between estranged brothers Pete (Geoff Stults), Derek (Chris Lowell), and Randy (Parker Young). The show followed their time at fictional Fort McGee in Florida as all three are assigned to the same unit and must work through their differences to keep the base functional.

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In the five years that the show's been off the air, it's gained a one-season wonder cult-like status. However, it was hard to really talk about it with anyone who was even slightly interested in the show, as it never found its way to a streaming home. That is, until now. After you figure out how to access and watch with Crackle, Royce wants you to watch it in this order:

Considering stranger shows have come back from the dead after many years, is now a good time to start the Enlisted Season 2 campaign?



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