On Wednesday's episode of Empire, the label's top diva, Tiana (Serayah), starts working with a high-profile designer who can take her career (and the label) to a new level.

Although she's reluctant at first, she eventually gets on board, only to see her big moment go up in flames in what looks like an accident... but it's not. And the source of the sabotage is someone she'd never suspect.

It's not long before Tiana's ex, Hakeem (Bryshere Y. Gray), discovers the truth: Her shot at a big break has been ruined by somebody close to her who saw an opportunity to take her down.

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Tiana's monumental fail puts her back in close quarters with her former flame... and in a position to go to battle with the one who stole her spotlight. Don't expect her to back down from this one.

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