Is Nicole Kidman the latest celebrity to land a guest-starring role on Empire? Yes, if creator Lee Daniels gets his way.

Daniels interviewed Kidman, whom he directed in the 2012 movie The Paperboy, for Interview magazine, and made no bones about it. "I want you on my set," he told Kidman in the interview.

"You promised me I would be there one day," Kidman said, to which Daniels reportedly responded, "I can't wait."

It's unlikely that Kidman's cameo will come in Season 2, which is already boasting cameos from Mariah Carey, Chris Rock and Marisa Tomei, given that she's currently starring in Photograph 51 in London's West End. But whatever her role will be, expect Kidman to go toe-to-toe with Cookie Lyon (Taraji P. Henson). "Whenever I'm with you, I get this energy like we're being naughty. And naughty is controversial," Daniels told Kidman.

Do you think Nicole Kidman would be a good addition to Empire?