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Emmys: Here's Our Dream Ballot for Lead Actor in Comedy Series

Will Forte is the last man we'd want left off this list!

Joyce Eng

Emmy season is upon us! For the next two weeks, voters will be filling out their nomination ballots before the big announcement on July 16. We have a few selections in mind ourselves. Up next: our wish list for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series.

Anthony Anderson, Black-ish
In his quest to make sure that his kids don't forget their culture and roots, Dre can come off as ridiculously over-the-top and desperate -- but never a know-it-all snob. That's because Anderson is always game to be the butt of the joke, the face of constant bafflement and sometimes, most importantly, to be proven wrong.

Will Forte,The Last Man on Earth
Phil Miller is kind of a dick. Theoretically we'd never wanna be the last survivors on Earth with him, but Forte has ably shown that this jerk has a good heart and ultimately may just be the loner inside all of us. And if the show ever literally goes back to Phil being the last man on Earth, we'd have no problem with that.

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Jonathan Groff, Looking
In two brief seasons, Groff made Patrick the perfect imperfect antihero, giving the lovesick, arrogant yuppie a specificity missing in a lot of character studies. If Groff doesn't crack the list this year, there's always hope next year in the limited series/TV movie race for Looking's wrap-up movie.

Thomas Middleditch, Silicon Valley
Rather than coast on Richard's awkward reclusivity, Middleditch took things to the next level this season. As Richard tried to wholeheartedly lead Pied Piper as the CEO it deserves, his anxious ball of a personality clashing with his clumsy confidence is the stuff of which comic gold is made.

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Andy Samberg, Brooklyn Nine-Nine
Samberg's best moments on Season 2 weren't his buffoonish antics and punchlines (though he's obviously great at doing both), but when man-child Jake was forced to get serious and deal with his unresolved feelings for Amy and his absentee dad Roger who's back in his life. Samberg, who was snubbed last year after winning the Golden Globe, is hosting the Emmys, and the last nine hosts were nominees they years they emceed.

Jeffrey Tambor, Transparent
Tambor's tender, heart-rending turn as Maura awkwardly, joyfully navigated her transition is a career-defining performance that's all the more important today. The Screen Actors Guild Awards didn't even nominate Tambor, who won the Golden Globe, but the Emmys won't make that same mistake. His nod is a foregone conclusion -- and likely the win too.

Who would you nominate?