Game of Thrones came to the Emmys and as predicted, they conquered. While the two-time Best Drama Series winner didn't take home any acting trophies, they collected plenty of other Emmy gold, broke a major record, gave us a lot of Kit Harington on stage and so much more.

Revisit all of their stunning moments below.

1. Sophie Turner reveals her and Maisie Williams' matching tattoos on the red carpet

Sophie Turner and Maisie Williams may not have had a scene together on Game of Thrones since Season 1, but they're still close like sisters. In fact, they're so close they got matching tattoos last week to signify their bond. Turner revealed her tattoo to E! on the red carpet before the ceremony. It reads "07.08.09" to commemorate the date they both landed their GoT roles. Even better? This may not be the last one they get.

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2. Jimmy Kimmel arrived at the Emmys on Daenerys' dragon

If you can't catch a ride with James Corden or Veep's Selina Meyer (Julia Louis-Dreyfus), Daenerys Targaryean (Emilia Clarke) can give you a lift with her dragon. Needless to say, Jimmy Kimmel arrived to host the Emmys in style after he and Daeny soared through the skies of Los Angeles, and roasted Ryan Seacrest to a crisp on the red carpet outside.


3. Kit Harington Proposes to Andy Samberg and offers to make-out with Kyle Chandler

Did you know that Kit Harington can be funny? That fact might have been lost on you due to Jon Snow's constant morose state, but Harington showed up at the Emmys and proved he's got jokes! The Game of Thrones MVP of Season 6 presented with Andy Samberg and ended up getting down on one knee for a good soundbite and offering to make out with Friday Night Lights' Kyle Chandler. We're not sure which person we'd rather be in that steamy kiss session, so we'll just keep our fingers crossed they make good on their promise and we get video from the after-party.

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4. Pedro Pascal proves he is still the best and enjoys a PB & J with Sarah Paulson

Pedro Pascal, better known to you as the ill-fated Oberyn Martell/The Red Viper, came to the Emmys to support his BFF and People v. O.J. Simpsonstar Sarah Paulson. We're not 100 percent sure what's going on with his current facial hair situation, but we really enjoy this pic of him enjoying one of the PB&J sandwiches handed out by the cast of Stranger Things. It further cements that Pedro Pascal is awesome and we would like to join Sarah Paulson's squad.

5. It's gold for the Game of Thrones creative team!

While none of the Game of Thrones actors picked up any trophies in their respective supporting categories, the show did walk away with trophies for writing and directing a drama series for the penultimate Season 6 episode "Battle of the Bastards." The wins brought Game's total Emmy count to 37, which tied the record for most Emmy wins by a primetime series.


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6. Game of Thrones wins Best Drama and makes history!

Oh, did you think that tying the record would be enough for the biggest show on television? Of course not! Game of Thrones snagged Best Drama Series for the second year in a row, bringing their total Emmy tally to 38 and breaking the record. Sorry, Frasier!

Bonus: They also tied their own record for most series wins in a single year with a whopping 12 trophies!

What was your favorite Game of Thrones moment of the Emmys?