A raft of rulebook tweaks aim to remedy a "problem" or two brought to light by last year's Primetime Emmy Awards. I'll boil it down best I can:

The Write Stuff
Producers and performers may submit an essay (of 250 words or less) offering context for the episodes they submit in the best-series and lead-actor races. This is to help shows such as Lost, which is believed to have been hamstrung last year by bewildered voters who don't have the Fuselage bookmarked.

Short Ain't Sweet
A so-called " Ellen Burstyn rule" calls for long-form supporting-actor nominees to have appeared in at least five percent of the program.

Popularity Contest
Perhaps the most controversial "fix" has the nominees in key acting and series categories being determined by a 50/50 mix of judging-panel ballots and the "popular vote" of Academy members. (Last year, the blue-ribbon panelists who actually screen submitted reels alone compiled the short list.) The intent, says an Academy rep, is to combine "the wisdom of the masses and the wisdom of [the judging panel]" - and we all know how scary wisdom is in the hands of Emmy voters.