A lot has been made about the lack of male nudity on Game of Thrones, and star Emilia Clarke - who has doffed her clothing on the show numerous times - found some new allies in the quest to "free the p" on the HBO series.

On Monday's The Late Late Show, Broad City stars Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer threw their high-spirited supported behind Clarke as she explained her stance to host James Corden.

"I feel like there's a little bit of inequality between the amount of nudity that happens with women - this woman in particular - and that happens with the other guys. I just think that should be even," Clarke said.

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"I understand. But I just feel like penises are so disgusting," Corden replied, prompting the Broad City girls shut this tired excuse down.

"You're wrong," Jacobson said. "You guys need to come to terms with your own body images."

Together, the actresses declared their stance to #FreeTheP on television, and even attempted to cajole Corden into stripping down to help kick off their campaign with a bang.

Now somebody give these women their own talk show - or at least a shared SnapChat account - because their budding friendship is too delightful to be kept from our prying eyes. Until that day comes, watch the charming video above.

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