Stephanie Anderson and Sam Poueu Stephanie Anderson and Sam Poueu

Contestants might lose weight on the Biggest Loser ranch, but increasingly, they also gain a true love. This season's newest lovebirds are Sam Poueu, 23, and Stephanie Anderson, 29.

Biggest Loser's Rebecca dishes about her romance and Rudy

On a conference call, recently eliminated contestant Sherry Johnston told reporters, "They're just as sweet as they can be." The 51-year-old also admitted that early on in the competition she pulled Steph aside and said, "I don't want you to get into a relationship and lose focus of why you're really here... as your fill-in mom, I just want to make sure you keep your head on straight and do well in the Biggest Loser."

Johnston added, "Sam's a really sweet guy, he's really stepped up and when you see them together, you'll see it."

Biggest Loser's Alexandra leaves the ranch but finds love with fellow contestant

During Season 8, at-home winner Rebecca Meyer and Daniel Wright became an item. Antoine Dove popped the question to fellow contestant Alexandra White during that cycle's finale.

The first Biggest Loser love match was after Season 2, when winner Matt Hoover and Suzy Preston started dating. They're now married with two kids.

Biggest Loser's Matt and Suzy Hoover welcome second son

Season 3's Marty Wollf and Amy Hildreth became an item and are now married with a son.