Elijah Wood returns as the diminutive hobbit Frodo Baggins in The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King (currently in theaters). Of course, though he's small in stature, that doesn't mean he's afraid to take some big risks. During his time in New Zealand, where the epic Rings trilogy was filmed, Wood and several castmates did extreme sports in their free time.

"I did paraponting, which is awesome," he enthuses. "It is running off a hill with a parachute and catching thermal [pockets of air]. I basically parachuted over Queenstown, [New Zealand]."

In Rings, Frodo braves the terrifying depths of Mordor in an effort to rid Middle Earth of a notoriously troublesome ring. But in real life, Wood's courage only takes him up to a point! He left some of the more reckless behavior to co-star Orlando Bloom, who plays long-haired elf Legolas. "No bungee jumping," the 22-year-old Wood insists. "I was the p---- in the group and didn't do it. Orlando did it. Orlando did everything, man. He did skydiving, bungee jumping, off-road motorcycle riding. He was like Super Elf."

Their differences aside, the entire Rings cast became very close over the course of filming. (Several of the guys got matching tattoos.) Wood hopes they will remain good friends. "As it comes to a close, we look to the relationships forged in New Zealand and throughout the experience, and they will carry on," he says. "The fellowship will carry on, and that gives us great hope. We have a massive connection. So much so that a lot of us are actually thinking about going in on a house or a piece of property [in New Zealand].

"It is strange that it is all coming to an end," he sighs. "Part of [the cast] thought that it was going to continue going for the rest of our lives, and I think we were all quite happy with that."