Tony and Carmela's marriage got whacked on last night's killer fourth-season finale of HBO's The Sopranos. A phone call from one of Tony's scorned girlfriends pushed an already-depressed Carmela (Edie Falco, enjoying her finest hour) over the edge, setting up a fierce domestic confrontation that ended with the cheatin' mob boss (James Gandolfini) out on the street. "You have made a fool of me for years," seethed Carmela. "You've had quite a time on my watch." Other developments from Sunday's episode: Uncle Junior's trial ended with a hung jury; Tony scrapped plans to off rival boss Carmine; and Christopher was released from drug rehab. Nielsen pundits are predicting that the 75-minute climax will likely rank as the highest-rated Sopranos episode in history. We're predicting that Falco will score a third Emmy next September.