Ed McMahon by Matthew Simmons/ WireImage.com Ed McMahon by Matthew Simmons/ WireImage.com

Despite being the guy who passes out million-dollar checks on peoples' doorsteps, Ed McMahon is fighting foreclosure on his own multimillion-dollar manse. The former Tonight Show sidekick and Star Search host had a default notice filed against him Feb. 28 after falling behind in $664,000 worth of mortgage payments, says Reuters.

McMahon, 85, broke his neck 18 months ago and has not been able to pass out checks for American Family Publishers' sweepstakes, much less collect checks of his own. The good news, however, is that he may be able to work things out with his mortgage lender - but it's not yet clear if he and his wife can stay in their six-bedroom, five-bath house.

The property, which sits atop Mulholland Drive, has been on the market for two years, for $6.25 mil. Now where's a sweepstakes check when we need one? - Anna Dimond

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