My Name Is Earl
No wonder Walt has Internet access! He's been living with a rich family and dealing with a whole new set of father issues. OK, had to get that out of the way. It's pretty amazing how Earl's efforts to cross young Albee, as we're now calling Lost's

Malcolm David Kelley, off his list very nearly remained free of any Michael Jackson-esque innuendos until the very end, when Randy put Albee's Underoos on his face, thinking it was a superhero mask. I don't blame Albee for being afraid of the dark ever since Earl inadvertently proved the existence of the Bogeyman. I've never found a strange man under my bed and I'm still afraid of the dark. You just knew something was up with his parents when no one noticed that there was some white guy swimming around in the pool with the kid. And the law of sitcoms dictates that Earl couldn't get out of this one just by getting shot in the crotch a few times and sleeping in a tree. But I kind of hate when I can see comic misunderstandings from a mile away before the characters do; it makes me squirm. Thankfully, there was the silly relief of the hostage negotiator scolding Albee's dad: "We do not snatch the bullhorn!" And, of course, there were some great Randy moments, especially when they were teargassed: "Fancy smoke! It's making me sad. It's so pretty, Earl." Maybe I'd stop being afraid of the dark if I got to listen to his story about the escaped Cheetoh/Good 'n Plenty once a year, too.