My Name Is Earl Having just visited my accountant this week, I'm not feeling very sympathetic to Earl and his desire to pay the government money they didn't want. I'm with Randy forming a moped gang with Darnell called "Salt and Pepper" is a much better way to spend your cash. Also, this reminds me of something that's bugged me since the first episode: Did Earl pay taxes on his lottery winnings? That's gotta be a huge chunk of change. Do I have to hand in my lefty card if I like Joy's calculations that she's owed "60 acres and a Jet Ski" and Earl's jailed pal's method of making the government pay by forcing a mailman to eat the Penny Saver ? By the way, the white supremacists' rendition of "Beauty School Dropout" was just about my favorite random moment of the week.

I don't think I realized how much I'd missed Randy the past few weeks until he started singing the saddest "Greatest American Hero" I'd ever heard (sadder, even, than during the month my husband tried to learn it on his guitar after TV Guide gave us a CD of TV theme songs for Christmas years ago). I wonder if the rescue team got to hear their music resonating through the no-water tower. And somehow, it wasn't too saccharine or precious when Randy declared he was going to try to enter Earl's dream but then woke up disappointed. "Dammit! I was a tugboat again!"