My Name Is Earl
Great kick-start to the episode, letting Joy just throw out words like "jackass," "asswipes" and "douche bag" for no reason. Actually, it restored my faith that the show wouldn't sink to family-friendly lows any time soon. Especially when followed by a flashback to the bad, drunk Earl telling his friend Hank's family about a strip-club incident. I wonder if that was the same strip club that Catarina worked at? Randy's search for a job where he wouldn't "slip in pee-pee" was a sad comment on the employment opportunities available out there for young, uneducated, frighteningly naive men. Not that Earl would do much better, considering that waking up at 8 am was a shock to his system. His Groundhog Day task frustrated the [word Joy still can't say on air] out of me until Randy could step in and make life its simple best again. Maybe when they're done with the list, Randy can get a job applying his Forest Gumpesque statements, like "Purpose is like a box of powdered doughnut holes," to greeting cards.