The Andy Griffith Show - The Complete Series courtesy Paramount The Andy Griffith Show - The Complete Series courtesy Paramount

Alright, I'm cheating a bit for my "Pick of the Week" for May 29th because I'm picking something that isn't a DVD - Weeds Season 1 on Blu-ray. Besides being in high-def, this release fixes a major problem present with the DVD release; it's widescreen. I tried to sit through the first few minutes of Weeds when it was released on DVD, but it was framed poorly, and I shut it off in disgust. Now I have a chance to watch the show in widescreen, AND in high-def, and that makes me very happy. The disc also contains the extras from the DVD release; commentaries, interviews, and more.

My DVD pick would have to be the complete series of The Andy Griffith Show. While I think CBS/Paramount is screwing the fans with the bonus material on this set, it's still a nice set. They've included "Return to Mayberry," the TV movie, and The Make Room For Daddy Andy Griffth Show Pilot on this set, along with all the episodes of the show.

I'm sure some of you have children, so I'd like to recommend one of my favorite kids titles, Charlie and Lola volume 4. Charlie and Lola is a charming British series about a brother and sister, and the adventures/trouble they find themselves in. It's a very cute series, with colorful animation and fun stories. The disc has 7 episodes on it (84 mins), presented in Anamorphic Widescreen (1.78:1). It's a great disc for the little ones.

Other sets coming on May 29: The Closer Season 2, F Troop Season 2, Rawhide Season 2, Volume 1, Big Train Seasons 1 & 2 and The Best of The Kids in the Hall Volume 2.

What will you pick up on May 29th?