Brooke Elliott and Jackson Hurst Brooke Elliott and Jackson Hurst

The moment Drop Dead Diva fans have been waiting for has arrived: Jane (Brooke Elliot) and Grayson (Jackson Hurst) are hitting the sack!

"I will promise you that Jane and Grayson will end up in bed together this season," creator Josh Berman tells exclusively.

Have the producers really heard the fans' outcry wanting Jane and Grayson together or is this just a dream? Though the show is known for taking a liberty or two with dream sequences (Read: Paula Abdul as a dancing and singing judge), don't assume their hookup is just in Jane's head.

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It's a big leap for Jane and Grayson, considering how they left off in the Season 2 finale. He had a near-fatal accident after running into the street after Jane, who was crushed when he asked her to be the best man at his now-upcoming wedding to Vanessa (Jaime Ray Newman.

Before getting under the sheets, though, the pair will have to navigate their way back to each other. Not only is Grayson still engaged to Vanessa — and Episode 4 is called "The Wedding" — but Jane may reconsider Grayson as her soul mate.

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"She now begins to see Grayson through more mature eyes," Berman says, "and it might make her question her love for him. We have one episode this season where Jane and Grayson get in a huge fight in the middle of the bull pen at Harrison and Parker. Jane is shocked by some of the opinions that Grayson has because she gets to see him as a co-worker as opposed to a boyfriend. It makes her have second thoughts about what her feelings were."

As for whether Jane will finally reveal the truth about her identity to Grayson, Berman simply teases, "I'm not going to tell you that Grayson doesn't find out this season."

The third season of Drop Dead Diva premieres Sunday, June 19 at 9/8c. Catch up on Diva with a mini-marathon, Saturday, June 18 from 11/10c to 5/4c on Lifetime.