Drexel University joins Tufts, Brown, University of San Francisco, Fordham University and others on the list of universities to withdraw their honorary degrees from Bill Cosby, according to a statement on the school's website.

The universities have taken action amid the dozens of allegations against Cosby for drugging and sexually assaulting women.

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Drexel President John A. Fry claims the misconduct that came to light in Cosby's legal deposition "stands in clear opposition" to the university's values.

Cosby was given the honorary degree from Drexel in 1992 when he spoke at their convocation at the beginning of the year.

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"Universities are critical arenas in the movement to recognize and address sexual violence and misconduct as a societal problem," Fry says. "Drexel takes that responsibility very seriously, and the decision to revoke Mr. Cosby's honorary degree flows from that responsibility."

Cosby has not been charged with a crime since the allegations and denies ever drugging or abusing the women.