The most important part of the NBA is not the basket that is made, but the celebratory handshake afterward. At least, that's the lesson Drake and Will Ferrell tried to impart in a hilarious sketch from TNT's NBA Awards ceremony, which aired on the network on Monday.

The former Degrassi star, who hosted the event, teamed up with Ferrell to teach a few professional basketball players the art of elaborate handshaking. "After a clutch shot, the crowd wants to see you shaking hands," Drake said in the video.

"Starting today, if you score but your handshake sucks, we will trade you!" Ferrell added. The revelation didn't amuse Toronto Raptor Demar Derozan, whose name was the brunt of numerous puns. Okay, he might have been acting but the performance was pretty convincing.

Essential gestures included the Jenga, in which participants stacked their hands on top of one another just like game. The Prom shake is simple and self-explanatory, relying heavily on one's ability to get the awkward pose down. The most impressive shake, hands down (sorry), has to be the Obi Wan Kenobi for its surprisingly accurate depiction of the famous Star Wars scene.

The event, which honored the top performers in the NBA, featured special performances by Nicki Minaj and 2 Chainz.