Dr. Phil McGraw by Scott Garfield/ABC Dr. Phil McGraw by Scott Garfield/ABC

On Tuesday's Larry King Live, Dr. Phil explored the point of view of the child involved in a heated custody case such as the one Alec Baldwin is currently fighting with Kim Basinger - and ultimately offered his counseling services to the highly combatant exes. Now he's had that offer accepted - by at least one of them.

Not long after the program aired, Baldwin (who likely had tuned in because his brother Stephen was also a guest) reached out to Dr. Phil, and engaged in a long first talk with the iconic psychologist, TV Guide has learned.

According to Dr. Phil, Baldwin insisted that "he recognized the inappropriate nature of his comments to his daughter, and using her as the misguided target for his frustrations. One of his fears is that people, including the court, would have the misconception that this characterizes his persona as a father."

Baldwin also told Dr. Phil that he is "completely and totally committed to continuing his fight to have access to a full and healthy ongoing relationship with his daughter." Though his role on 30 Rock is inconsistent with his desire to focus on his daughter, he told Dr. Phil that he intends to honor his contract.

The good doctor, who is to reconnect with Baldwin on Monday, has thus far not heard from Basinger. - Reporting by Mary Murphy and Matt Webb Mitovich

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