<EM>So You Think You Can Dance</EM> So You Think You Can Dance

I still don't think I have Dance fever. This episode at least spent some time getting to know the remaining contestants, but there was less than five minutes of new footage of people actually strutting their stuff. The sob stories like Jamile, who was crippled at 9 and told he'd never walk again would be tolerable if they were spiced up with some funky chicken or an electric slide now and then. I'm really curious to see the actual choreography that all of the eliminees apparently butchered. In the clips we've mostly just seen glimpses of rehearsals and the dancers' freestyle moves. I want to see some dancing! And if not, at least show me what I tuned in for and don't make me wait 75 minutes before airing the good stuff. The only two reasons I was remotely looking forward to this episode were to see if Allan made it and to watch the Blake blowout with Dan. The editors buried both at the very end of the show. Big Poppa made it through, woo-hoo. And Blake also got past the judges, even though he made it clear that he's a total egotistical jerk. If you ask me, Dan went way too easy on him. Will people actually vote for him? I would consider it if he'd agree to put his shirt back on. And really, are audiences invested enough in this show to vote for anyone?