Keri Russell Keri Russell

Question: Don't even tell me that you spoke to J.J. Abrams at the Emmys and didn't ask him for scoop on Keri Russell in Mission: Impossible 3. 'Cause I don't want to hear that.

Answer: Simmer down, Valerie, er, Diego. Of course I asked J.J. how my girl is faring opposite that scary Tom Cruise fellow; I was just holding it back a few weeks to ensure it got the attention it so richly deserved. Here's what he said: (MAJOR PIDDLE ALERT): "[Her performance] defies description. I'm not kidding. She is so intense and tough and vulnerable and sexy and funny it's like taking Felicity and mixing her with some kind of explosive, and that's what she is. She is unbelievable. I feel like I have the biggest secret in the world. I cannot wait for people to see the movie and to see her in it. She's unbelievable." Now do you understand why I'm willing to give this guy the benefit of the doubt re: the Vaughn crisis?!?!