Spider-Man 3 courtesy Columbia Pictures Spider-Man 3 courtesy Columbia Pictures

What's the early "spin" on Spider-Man 3? The net-net of reviews released Tuesday, three days before the arrival of this summer's first blockbuster hope, is that the new, $300-million sequel is highly ambitious - though perhaps to a fault. While the Hollywood Reporter says 3 boasts "effects sequences that often are as beautiful as they are astonishing," and that the pic is "certain to please the geek squad by remaining ever true to its comic-book roots," many critics bemoan its 140-minute running time. The Associated Press calls the franchise's longest entry "a bloated, uneven behemoth" where "people and threats come and go, and the narrative feels scattered." In a similar vein, the New York Daily News opines that too much of the pic is devoted "to quiet conversations... or to Peter's silly antics under the influence of the [personality-altering outer-space] goo," yet allows that "Spidey fans [looking for action] will not be disappointed."

Me, I'm there this weekend. (But psst, the wife thinks I'm at bible study.)